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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Freebies and Dollarbies for All

Hi Aurora Town Fans! My Post today is a little bit long, so please read on. This is how I spend my first few hours in SL today. I promise there are goodies for both the men and women of Second Life!

Artesfatta an adorable little shoe store there are sandals, shoes and boots. There is a pair of nice, did I say nice, Brown Boots as a gift.

Find the box pictured above buy for zero Lindens, get the lovely Brown Boots you see below. In the Gift bag is another freebie a cute black tank w/white slash across.


November Group Gift and a little extra dollarbie! In the November Group Gift Box you get the clothing you see in the pic below, in addition to some really nice eyes with prim contacts, sorry I didn't take a picture, but trust me really nice. Men.. yes I am taking to you, I can see you rocking those hoodies as well, they are Unisex!

In the extra dollarbie box you will find a sweet necklace, in addition to some more eyes and prim tongues with piercings.

Plastik is one of those fine clothing stores, here is your chance to try some of their items, definitely quality stuff here! Also Plastik is taking part in the "Change of Seasons" Hunt, so you have a chance to find another nice little something, something... :)


Grace Staryk of Fusion Furniture is taking a wee break, RL is calling. Her store is closing in a day or so, but before she goes she has set this nice little wrong iron bed for 1 Linden. Yep that is me totally sleeping on it in her store. The bed has that cute sleeping pose.

If you want this one folks you better run! LOL

Fusion Furniture:

Got a notecard on this one Ladies. Sherry Yates Fashions just placed a cute little dress in her front entrance for 0 Lindens. Night Life in Blue usually goes for 375 Lindens but for you it has been marked down to the unbelievable price of 0 Lindens.

Sherry Yates Fashions:

So do you like those leather jackets you see in my picture above. What would you say if I told you they were free?
Well, they are and if you like them, who wouldn't at that price? You need to run to Shiki and join the group, then buy the Jackets. If the jackets don't get you to join Shiki's Group, there's more... These 3 men's look are also available for free for the special VIPs. These are located in the VIP Lounge area on the 1st Floor.

I would say that Shiki is extremely generous to her group, because if you are just gaga for these items, head on up to the 2nd floor, that's where the giving keeps on giving! These boxes are free to you groupies as well. If that wasn't enough Shiki is also stop 52 in the "MHO Hunt", the gift a purple cardigan sweater.


The new dollarbie is out over at Rock Me Amadeus. You get the entire set of Babe Tops for only 1 Dollar.


Kiwi has a new Group Gift for the girls. Flory Green is free right now. Wear your group tag, touch the group kiosk and the outfit is your ladies.

Gentlemen, there is something for you as well. Kiwi is also a participant int he "MHO Hunt". Jinx can be yours guys if you can find where it is hidden... :)


Last but surely not least, a Mini Hunt! Miamai is having a mini hunt, it started November 13th and will run until November 16th. There are 20 gift boxes scattered around stuff with original designs from the Miamai store. I created this post right before I started the hunt, so you might still catch me there. Come on over!


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