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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Designer Circle, Color Me Project, New Truth, WoW Skins @ The 24 2015, ApplyMe!, Group Gift and Hunt!

I am so happy the weekend is just around the corner. It is me or does the work week always seem longer when you have a day off?  Since being off this past Monday for Labor Day, the week seems to be dragging for me a bit.

I have a nice mix of different events that start this week where you can find previews worn by Lilliana Today.  The Designer Circle's 113th Round is entering the mid-way point this Weekend.  I am showing WoW Skins Exclusive for The 24 2015 Event which starts Tomorrow!  Indulge Temptation is not only celebrating a new store, but also being in business for 1-Year, with this celebration you can take part in an in-store Hunt or find out how to get all of the Hunt Items as a Groupie!  The final Event I have a preview for is Color Me Project which opens Today!  Plus I have a new release from Truth and am still wearing IKON's Group Gift!

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