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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend Updates

oohhhh! I am so excited about something. I am sure you have all heard about Sion Chickens right. I have a whole farm of them. Well, I was chosen to be a Beta Tester for these little bunnies by Ozimals. I have to give a shout out to Callie Cline, she put her update group on the opportunity to become a tester. Thanks Callie. As soon as I figure out how to rear these little guys I will post some pictures!

There are many hunts going on at the moment. I just finished the Macabre Hunt. You have to find small red apples. This hunt started on Sept. 16th and runs until Oct. 6th, so you have some time.
Blog: http://macabrehunt.blogspot.com/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1085605@N25/

There are 73 designers involved so it wasn't that huge. One of the reason's I decided to take part. The hunt is being presented by Rasetsukoku and that is exactly where you start.


So you say that you are not a hunter. Well there is also a special event starting. The 2009 Spring Jewelry Fair. Half of the proceeds from select items will go to OxFam. Be sure to check those items out. Lots of Jewelry Designers, New items showing and of course freebie and dollarbie samples!There are special events happening through the duration of the event. There is also a lag-free AO and Skin for both Men and Women. I had no problems this morning, but as the news gets out, I am sure there will be lag. I started in the Winter are and you can take my personal ride for free, below.. LOL


Ivalde has a new scribo. As a matter of fact the way I understand it, the group is now the new scribo, which makes me really, really happy. I have an open space in my groups!

To celebrate or to get us to start changing over group members were aksed to come to the store and touch the scribo. To make the deal sweeter or to get us over the ASAP we were tempted with the notion that there are not one but two gift hidden in the Welcome notecard.

The first one you see is the sophisticated Vivvike black skirt. Oh yes that is I modeling. I had a little free time so I took the pictures on my SIM.

Next up is the is flirty pink number called Kari. Both dresses are still available all you need to do is join the scribo and get that notecard.

In case you are wondering my skin is one of the Uma's from Rockberry. Not sure if the one I have on was a group gift, hunt prize or a purchase I made, because after I received a sample of it in the group, I went and bought the Tan set. Designers never believe it is not worth it to had out samples. I have bought man items by trying freebies first! Unfortunately my hair is a limited edition that is no longer available from Gurl6. Shapes an old one by Royal Shapes.

The boots in the first pic are from Eva Called Cream Canvas and are free now at the Dominion Store. The Black Mary Janes were a MM prize from Nightshade Designs, but have been swapped up from some hot lace up boots that I want, but the board has been on lockdown the two times I've tried. I am sure you can purchase the shoes if you like upstairs. Landmarks below:





Talking about the Dominion. There is a special freebie out. The Marilyn dresses. They are free and you get all of the lovely colors you see. Take my landmark touch the sign and poof the dresses are sent... LOL

The Dominion:

Yesterday Pure Designs reopened and as group members we were told about a little party happening on the SIM. Eva Abdallah owner, design, the head chick LOL, marked some of her items to 0 - 1 Linden Dollar, but you had to find them. There was also a nice gift (pictured here) set out with two sweet outfits (also pictured) here.

Well I am happy to say that this gift is still available and don't tell anyone.... but the items that were marked down yesterday are also still available. I am not going to tell you which ones they are, but let me just say this is a steal. Eva's designs are really class A. So if you like what you see here and want more, then run, cause I don't know

Pure Designs:

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