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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Sunday / Monday Picks

First the LVS&Co. Tea Party I blogged about yesterday ends tomorrow, September 14th. So if you want to check it out you have to do it by midnight tomorrow. It was really, really cool. Besides the dollarbie gifts from 12 of the main designers located on the SIM and the Doll Dress Hunt, you can also find Queen of Heart Cards throughout the SIM with lots of great dollarbies. There is tons There!

I have finally started to go through my inventory. See what I have found. Read on Aurora Town Fans, read on.... :)

The Vogue Bikini a "Sexy" little dollarbie over at Vogue.


The weekly dollarbie over at Rock Me Amadeus is the White Faded Top Sets. You get the 4 Tanks which go from a solid opaque White all the way to "why bother wearing anything at all". LOL! Could be fun! :)

Rock me Amadeus:

Over at Cobrahive there is a ittie bittie hunt going on. I say ittie bittie because you only have to find 5 Cobras. Cobras as in snakes. The hunt is in celebration of a new SIM. Cobrahive is a punk style store, boots, jewelry, Tees, etc.


Ema's September freebie is out now. It is "Pumpkin", cute little stripped mini w/leather jacket. There is a new Midnight Mania item "Here Kitty Kitty", and if you are lucky enough to find it, Ema's is also involved in the Dr. Seuss Gridwide Hunt.

In case that isn't enough for ya, lucky chairs are here as well. You could leave this SIM with a mother lode of new outfits... LOL


I found something for the couple's who like to dress like their partners. Hudson Clothing created new sweat suits and they've placed their grey one out for free.

You get the male and female version, unfortunately, your partner will have to go pick it up with you as the two outfits are non-transferable...

Hudson Clothing:

This week's updates at Peppermint Blue are as follows. At the Silk Road Bar location, there are two for the men and two for the ladies:


Next stop on the Peppermint Blue train is the Free Shop. I have blogged about this before, there is a shop that is stock full of Peppermint Blue assistance packs all free. For both men and women.

Today only though there is a special outfit set for the ladies a cute little halter dress in both black and white. Remember that all of Peppermint Blues packs come with everything you see, skins, shoes, outfits, sometimes the hair is not included, if not there is a note telling you where your can get it.

Lastly, to get to the freebie store you may have to teleport via one of the blue teleporters you will see. Unless my LM takes you 306 feet up, then you are okay....

Peppermint Blue Free Store:

[AV] Vlodovic's new dollarbie is the sophisticated Missy in Dark Teal. Don't forget to travel up to the 2nd and 3rd floors, if you are lucky the lucky boards have a pair of cute pumps and accessories that match the dress.

Also on the 2nd and 3rd floors Pink Lotus has a nice pair of light teal pumps for 1 dollar, as well.


That is what I have for you Ladies and Gents. I could go on and on, but I'm tired:). Don't think I will be able to blog tomorrow, that is why my label is Sunday / Monday. I think there is enough to keep you all busy for now:) Have a Wonderful Sunday All! Lilli<3

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