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Saturday, September 12, 2009

LVS&Co. Unbirthday Tea Party

LVS&Co is having an unbirthday tea party on their SIM. I heard about this a little while back and wasn't even sure if it was still going on. Well it is! Whenever Ravenlynn Templar has an event or party on her SIM it is a great time. Sorry it took me so long to blog it:(

There are 12 unbirthday gifts to be found about the SIM set out by Ravenlynn herself or the other wonderful designers that are also located here. Look for the Queen of Hearts Cards. Also, ff you start at the LVS&Co. store you can try your luck at her hunt for the queen of hearts Dolls. There are 4 cute outfits to find.

While I was wondering the SIM I found the oh so cute, Queen of Diamond Dress you see here.

If you have time, want some really nice dollarbies and like to view great looking SIMs this is for you! I am not really sure how much longer the event is going on so if I were you, I would get down here quick! and if I still haven't got your attention ladies, some of the Designers who are involved Whonose, Nshuru, LVS&Co., just to name a few... :)


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