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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here I am... :)

I know, I know it's been a while. I am not even going to go into a million excuses. What I will say is "How many Hunts are going on in SL at the moment will somebody tell me please?" LOL

I got myself roped into doing the Addicted, Twisted and Demonology Hunts. Finished all those. Now I am doing the S.O.S. or Subtleties of Summer Hunt, sponsored by Subtle Creek. This one is a really, really good one, fabulous designers in this one. That's why I made it my business to take a break an bloggg....

You start at pr!tty, you are looking for soft-serve ice cream cones and the hunt runs until September 30th, so you have a little time left. You might run into me on this one!


Did you know that it is SySy Chapman's RL Birthday? You don't know who SySy is? Well you should get to know her, because her birthday is your gain. SySy left a birthday gift for all of her fans for only 1 Linden dollar.

SySy's RL Birthday Cake Dress is available now at her store now, but you might want to get over there quick if you like this simply adorable little dress. Birthday's don't last forever... :)


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