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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yes, I am doing it! (LOL)

I can't believe I am doing it... The Poop Hunt '09. Yes that is correct and no I did not get the name wrong. I first read about this hunt on the Love/Hate Blog, then I saw it on Baking Cupcakes, then I saw some of the items on iHeartSL, and could not help it! I had to join in.

So if my fans want to join me I am here now searching for little piles of poop and toilet paper of course. Many great, great designers. I have already found items from Tiny Bird, LAP Poses, Chikka Designs, Elate, PIG trust me there is much, much more to be found!

There are 52 gifts to be found in total and they are all over the SIM. Mostly in the shopping area, but there are a few items that can be found outside of the shopping..

Dove Swanson one of the promoters is very gracious and agreeable to have the hunt posted on blogs, she also doesn't mind hints or cheat sheets. Sorry you won't find one here. I have a hard time posting, hunting, and you want me to hunt and hint. Call me if you need help! LOL

If you can't make it today, you have the entire week. The Hunt runs thru Sept. 4th!


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