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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday, August 9th, 2009

Usually Monday's are such a drag, wouldn't you say? Not for me at least this Monday, I have the day off from RL Work Whoo-Hoo! LOL

So just like the SL me, yep that is Lilli in SL. I am just relaxing today. Lilli is relaxing in Sporbus, one of our two new adult SIMs. This one houses the market area. Paceglen is the other and houses our home rentals. Check it out sometime you are all welcome! So let's without further ado, my postings for today....



Do you know what I love? I love when I find a really, really great find. I also love when it's a great find and it is something for both males and females of SL. Read on ladies and gentlemen. Look at what can be found at GG's Boutique....

Dead man tells no tales t-shirt for the men or hey I could where this as well. Absolutely free.

Next above is Precious in Rose. Wear it as a short dress or wear it as a gown ladies it is free and really, really cute!
Who doesn't need a pair of simple blue Jeans? These are called Deluxe Blue Jeans and inside the box there is a pair for ladies and men!

Another T-Shirt which I like called Mason. It's for the men, but you know I am wearing this as well.
Lastly, Jungle Fantasy in Grey. Super, Super cute and so me! It's free just like all of the other items above. Also Ladies, If you join GG's group there are a pair of torn jeans and a bunch of T's waiting. Give Girlygirl Hoffman some love, look around her shop as she has beautiful designs for all!


A personal favorite of mine Nightshade Designs, has a Dollarbie box. In the box is a skins male / females, eyes and shoes.

For the women Attitude and for the guys Aphotic Bondage Boots, see below. There is also a mini hunt going on. Boxes are scattered around the store and set for sale at 10 dollars a piece with some choice items.

Above are the attitude slides in Leopard Print.

The Aphotic Bondage Boots.

I bought these Pumps. They are called "Midnight Patent Pumps"and can be found on the second floor by the lucky chairs. Only 10 lindens. Can't beat that! I Love these!

Also on the first floor look for the Midnight Madness Board and the Fortune Teller Game. There is a lovely dress up in the board and some cool shoes in the game. Oh yeah, and on the second floor two lucky chairs! If you like Gothic ensembles you will love Nightshades!


Ema's new giveaway is Checkers. Slinky Minis w/Color Change options. Lucky chairs and Midnight Mania Board here as well.


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