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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back in Business!

Hey All! So exactly as I state above, I am back in business. SIM is pretty much built and pretty full all of our old tenants followed us over to the adult SIM and we even pick up a few new ones! In case you need a home look me up!

Now I am ready to start goodie postings to the blog again. Here we go....

Ladies, go over to the Dominion, why? Well if you like latex they have a little hunt going on. You find the cute little clutch bags in a bunch of yummy colors and not only do you have the cute clutch but inside there is a latex corset. There are 10 to find.


After you do the mini hunt slide over to the other side of the Dominion and pick up these snazzy Fedora hat. Something for both the men and women of SL. 5 great colors and all 5 are free of charge.


Not sure how long the hunt or the Fedora's will be available, so my advice, if you like these would be to run! LOL!

Still keeping with the hat theme. Go to Posh if you like this sweet hair style. It's called Mya Keep the bank and you get all four hair colors along with the hat.


If you haven't been to Audacious Designs, it might be worth a trip, not only are there 8 lucky chairs with nice outfits for both men and women, there are also 5 absolutely free items and a Midnight Madness Board.

The pictures you see are the two latest freebies, but I promise there are 3 others. Unfortunately, gentlemen the items I found are only for the ladies, but don't forget those lucky chairs.


For now that is what I have for you fans. Trust me I have a huge back log of notecards. Check back daily, I will try to have new stuff for you! TTYL! :)

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