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Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Picks for Sunday, August 9th

Elite Hair opened up a new SIM. While I was wandering on it, I found a Wall of dollarbie fat pack hairs. Hair for both men and women. I am sure there is at least one style you will like.


Pididdle opened a new satelitte store in Albero. In honor of the new store and the Summer Fair Festival going on at Albero. Pididdle has set the sweet "Pitseleh Pencil Dress", set for one dollar.

Don't just stop at Pididdle though. Many of the other designers have either lowered prices on select items or are offering dollarbies, freebies, etc. It's a Lovely, Lovely SIM lots of shopping quality Designers. So definitely go see:)


The weekly dollarbie at Kosh is the sun and moon rings. Concrete Flowers has a nice pair of pants called Gropper in Red and also a, ummm sexy baguette? LOL

Two things I wanted to point out. One Kosh is right next door to Concrete Flowers, in case you have never been before and both stores are taking part in the Summer Watermelon hunt. You may be able to find something extra...


Conrete Flowers:

Ladies join the Group over at Icewerks and you can get this sweet prim Short outfit called Allan. Take a walk to the back of the store, there is a Midnight Madness Board with another very cute prim short outfit!

Gentlemen for you across from the ladies store, there is a Midnight Madness Board for you as well, with a 50 dollar gift card.


AV Vlodoic's dollarbie is Maxi Dress in Purple very stylish. If you are lucky on the letter boards there are accessories which can be worn with the dress upstairs. In the lucky boards are a pair of pumps and an extra skirt and stole. I was lucky enough to get the pumps, still working on the stole and extra skirt:)


What all of this goodness you see in the picture above? Pink Lotus. On the second floor of the Pink Lotus store is all this loveliness. The boxes are located right next to the two Lucky Letter Boards, along with a Midnight Madness!


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