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Sunday, August 23, 2009

HoPo and a Black Market

While I am in the middle of the "Mark of Zindra Hunt", I received a notecards for two SIM Openings. Since I loved the stores the notes originated from I decided to take peek, and also becuase I was promised some nice Grand Openting Gifts.

Ana Boogiewoogie of Sh*t Happens has opened up her own SIM. Hodgepodge or HoPo Mall. Very lovely Woodsey Mall.

The Mall has approximately 30 of some of the hottest designers in SL. Ana herself is there as well as Elate, this is Fawn, Iren, Pididdle, A piece of Candy, Addict and a bunch more!


Unlike the woodsey-ness of HoPo, The Black Market is a very cool seaport area. Lots and lots of really cool gifts can be found in the little dingy boats.

Stuff from Modd G, Boom, Etoile and more. If you have time definitely take a minute and check out both of these neat shopping areas!


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