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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Hodgepodge Post!

Hello There:)

Sorry, I've been a little busy. I have a little hunt going on over in my new SIMs. Lots of adult themed items. I am trying to figure out how to create Events, but it's not working as I planned. I think the lindens need to fix the Events area so you can have mature / adult happenings on Adult SIMs.

I keep getting an error saying you can't create adult Events on PG Land. I have a ticket open and am totally frustrated, what did I get the adult land for if I can't have adult Events. Oh, god I am bitching wahhhh...

If you like to visit my land and try the hunt come on over, between the two SIMs, I have hidden 47 crates.. I think... LOL The hunt will go on for at least a Month or when I feel like picking up the boxes.Aurora Town Zindra Paceglen:

Aurora Town Zindra Markets Sporbus:

Let's get started here, New Post! Whoo-Hoo! I have been completing the Black Pearl and Black Key Hunts. There are like 50 thousand more to go (LOL).

On the Black Key Hunt, last stop is Perfectly Hodgepodge, what an awesomely cute store! The name of the stores depicts pretty much exactly what you will find here a hodgepodge of different items.

Owner Prudence Skytower, has clothing, builds, furniture, etc. Definitely a pick to visit. If my lovely description hasn't convinced you there is a lucky chair and board, as well as freebies!

For 0 Lindens Ladies you can have the Sporty Shorty Corset Outfit and the CJ: Rasp Ice, in addition to two boxes the pink is absolutely free and also has some furniture, the blue is stuffed with older Designs and costs 25 Lindens and... if you join the scribo you can get another little gifty!

Perfectly Hodgepodge:

If you are a group member of Silent Sparrow as I am, well lucky for you and me! Hya has a group gift out for us. The Vibrant Rose Madder Suite is for free for group tag wearers.

Sorry if you are not a group member, you won't be able to get this one. Silent Sparrow's rule is her group is closed while the group gift is displayed. I believe the gift will be out for a few more days after that the group will be open again to new members.

So you want to know how to bag another signature Silent Sparrow Outfit? Two words "profile Pick". I have that as well and check what I got. Madder Spider Babydoll what ya get as a profile picker.

Lastly there is a lucky chair or lucky sparrow. You also have to be a group member to win that gift if your letter comes up as well. Since I am a huge fan of Hya and Silent Sparrow it all works for me! :)

Silent Sparrow:

Rock Me Amadeus has a new Dollarbie. For on single Linden Dollar, you get all 5 colors of the eye popping Wrap Tops. Can you say va va va voom? You significant other will. Single where these you'll find a date, I guarentee! LOL

Rock me Amedeus:

Next we have shoes for you ladies. For only one dollar! Really nice White Slides with a Cork Wedge Heel. These lovelies are from Ipanema Girl and are called Tramco Champagne and are available right now at the SLURL below.

Ipanema Girl:

Well Aurora Town Fans, I know I have more but my hubby is hungry. I need to go make some lunch. We don't have to eat in SL, but we still have to do that in RL. Come back soon, I will try to have more posts! Lilli:)

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