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Friday, August 14, 2009

Curious Kitties, Lemonade and Panty Raids

Curious Kitties Group Gifts. Omiku Hair and Studded Skull Bracelets both are unisex and can definitely be rocked by both female and male residents of second life.

If I haven't got ya with the group gift from Curious, how about a bunch of freebies? hmmm... Check the third pic, all of that is free from everyone!

Curious Kitties:

How about some Lemonade on this hot summer day? G Sloane has one for one dollar... Oh you thought the drink? LOL G Sloane has this lovely gown called Lemonade, available now for 1 linden dollar.

You can also find a freebie dress , bikini and a discounted tank top.

G Sloane:

The 2009 Pantie Raid has started. For those who don't know it is a hunt across all of the Starlust SIMs, with some great, great designers involved.

The prizes are you guessed it, underwear or underwear related items and are either free or 1 dollar. You are looking for crabs.. I know, I know Pantie crabs the image that crops up...LOL

You can start at a number of SIMs, I started at the SLURL below.

Herman Melville:

P.S.: Be sure to take your time and look around as there are lots of dollarbies and freebies to be found on each of the Pantie Raid SIMS....

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