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In-World, Aurora Town Zindra is a Picturesque Old World European Style Residential / Commerical set on an Adult.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yes, I am doing it! (LOL)

I can't believe I am doing it... The Poop Hunt '09. Yes that is correct and no I did not get the name wrong. I first read about this hunt on the Love/Hate Blog, then I saw it on Baking Cupcakes, then I saw some of the items on iHeartSL, and could not help it! I had to join in.

So if my fans want to join me I am here now searching for little piles of poop and toilet paper of course. Many great, great designers. I have already found items from Tiny Bird, LAP Poses, Chikka Designs, Elate, PIG trust me there is much, much more to be found!

There are 52 gifts to be found in total and they are all over the SIM. Mostly in the shopping area, but there are a few items that can be found outside of the shopping..

Dove Swanson one of the promoters is very gracious and agreeable to have the hunt posted on blogs, she also doesn't mind hints or cheat sheets. Sorry you won't find one here. I have a hard time posting, hunting, and you want me to hunt and hint. Call me if you need help! LOL

If you can't make it today, you have the entire week. The Hunt runs thru Sept. 4th!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

HoPo and a Black Market

While I am in the middle of the "Mark of Zindra Hunt", I received a notecards for two SIM Openings. Since I loved the stores the notes originated from I decided to take peek, and also becuase I was promised some nice Grand Openting Gifts.

Ana Boogiewoogie of Sh*t Happens has opened up her own SIM. Hodgepodge or HoPo Mall. Very lovely Woodsey Mall.

The Mall has approximately 30 of some of the hottest designers in SL. Ana herself is there as well as Elate, this is Fawn, Iren, Pididdle, A piece of Candy, Addict and a bunch more!


Unlike the woodsey-ness of HoPo, The Black Market is a very cool seaport area. Lots and lots of really cool gifts can be found in the little dingy boats.

Stuff from Modd G, Boom, Etoile and more. If you have time definitely take a minute and check out both of these neat shopping areas!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Hodgepodge Post!

Hello There:)

Sorry, I've been a little busy. I have a little hunt going on over in my new SIMs. Lots of adult themed items. I am trying to figure out how to create Events, but it's not working as I planned. I think the lindens need to fix the Events area so you can have mature / adult happenings on Adult SIMs.

I keep getting an error saying you can't create adult Events on PG Land. I have a ticket open and am totally frustrated, what did I get the adult land for if I can't have adult Events. Oh, god I am bitching wahhhh...

If you like to visit my land and try the hunt come on over, between the two SIMs, I have hidden 47 crates.. I think... LOL The hunt will go on for at least a Month or when I feel like picking up the boxes.Aurora Town Zindra Paceglen:

Aurora Town Zindra Markets Sporbus:

Let's get started here, New Post! Whoo-Hoo! I have been completing the Black Pearl and Black Key Hunts. There are like 50 thousand more to go (LOL).

On the Black Key Hunt, last stop is Perfectly Hodgepodge, what an awesomely cute store! The name of the stores depicts pretty much exactly what you will find here a hodgepodge of different items.

Owner Prudence Skytower, has clothing, builds, furniture, etc. Definitely a pick to visit. If my lovely description hasn't convinced you there is a lucky chair and board, as well as freebies!

For 0 Lindens Ladies you can have the Sporty Shorty Corset Outfit and the CJ: Rasp Ice, in addition to two boxes the pink is absolutely free and also has some furniture, the blue is stuffed with older Designs and costs 25 Lindens and... if you join the scribo you can get another little gifty!

Perfectly Hodgepodge:

If you are a group member of Silent Sparrow as I am, well lucky for you and me! Hya has a group gift out for us. The Vibrant Rose Madder Suite is for free for group tag wearers.

Sorry if you are not a group member, you won't be able to get this one. Silent Sparrow's rule is her group is closed while the group gift is displayed. I believe the gift will be out for a few more days after that the group will be open again to new members.

So you want to know how to bag another signature Silent Sparrow Outfit? Two words "profile Pick". I have that as well and check what I got. Madder Spider Babydoll what ya get as a profile picker.

Lastly there is a lucky chair or lucky sparrow. You also have to be a group member to win that gift if your letter comes up as well. Since I am a huge fan of Hya and Silent Sparrow it all works for me! :)

Silent Sparrow:

Rock Me Amadeus has a new Dollarbie. For on single Linden Dollar, you get all 5 colors of the eye popping Wrap Tops. Can you say va va va voom? You significant other will. Single where these you'll find a date, I guarentee! LOL

Rock me Amedeus:

Next we have shoes for you ladies. For only one dollar! Really nice White Slides with a Cork Wedge Heel. These lovelies are from Ipanema Girl and are called Tramco Champagne and are available right now at the SLURL below.

Ipanema Girl:

Well Aurora Town Fans, I know I have more but my hubby is hungry. I need to go make some lunch. We don't have to eat in SL, but we still have to do that in RL. Come back soon, I will try to have more posts! Lilli:)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Will Miss You My Friend...

My post for today is for a friend that my sister and I have in SL, who has decided to take a break. We hope he reads the blog and sees this. He was supposed to teach us to play piano in 50,000 easy lessons...

He is a talent who we truly believe would be unbelievably successful in Second Life. We will miss you, and hope that you will keep in Touch!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Curious Kitties, Lemonade and Panty Raids

Curious Kitties Group Gifts. Omiku Hair and Studded Skull Bracelets both are unisex and can definitely be rocked by both female and male residents of second life.

If I haven't got ya with the group gift from Curious, how about a bunch of freebies? hmmm... Check the third pic, all of that is free from everyone!

Curious Kitties:

How about some Lemonade on this hot summer day? G Sloane has one for one dollar... Oh you thought the drink? LOL G Sloane has this lovely gown called Lemonade, available now for 1 linden dollar.

You can also find a freebie dress , bikini and a discounted tank top.

G Sloane:

The 2009 Pantie Raid has started. For those who don't know it is a hunt across all of the Starlust SIMs, with some great, great designers involved.

The prizes are you guessed it, underwear or underwear related items and are either free or 1 dollar. You are looking for crabs.. I know, I know Pantie crabs the image that crops up...LOL

You can start at a number of SIMs, I started at the SLURL below.

Herman Melville:

P.S.: Be sure to take your time and look around as there are lots of dollarbies and freebies to be found on each of the Pantie Raid SIMS....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday, August 9th, 2009

Usually Monday's are such a drag, wouldn't you say? Not for me at least this Monday, I have the day off from RL Work Whoo-Hoo! LOL

So just like the SL me, yep that is Lilli in SL. I am just relaxing today. Lilli is relaxing in Sporbus, one of our two new adult SIMs. This one houses the market area. Paceglen is the other and houses our home rentals. Check it out sometime you are all welcome! So let's without further ado, my postings for today....



Do you know what I love? I love when I find a really, really great find. I also love when it's a great find and it is something for both males and females of SL. Read on ladies and gentlemen. Look at what can be found at GG's Boutique....

Dead man tells no tales t-shirt for the men or hey I could where this as well. Absolutely free.

Next above is Precious in Rose. Wear it as a short dress or wear it as a gown ladies it is free and really, really cute!
Who doesn't need a pair of simple blue Jeans? These are called Deluxe Blue Jeans and inside the box there is a pair for ladies and men!

Another T-Shirt which I like called Mason. It's for the men, but you know I am wearing this as well.
Lastly, Jungle Fantasy in Grey. Super, Super cute and so me! It's free just like all of the other items above. Also Ladies, If you join GG's group there are a pair of torn jeans and a bunch of T's waiting. Give Girlygirl Hoffman some love, look around her shop as she has beautiful designs for all!


A personal favorite of mine Nightshade Designs, has a Dollarbie box. In the box is a skins male / females, eyes and shoes.

For the women Attitude and for the guys Aphotic Bondage Boots, see below. There is also a mini hunt going on. Boxes are scattered around the store and set for sale at 10 dollars a piece with some choice items.

Above are the attitude slides in Leopard Print.

The Aphotic Bondage Boots.

I bought these Pumps. They are called "Midnight Patent Pumps"and can be found on the second floor by the lucky chairs. Only 10 lindens. Can't beat that! I Love these!

Also on the first floor look for the Midnight Madness Board and the Fortune Teller Game. There is a lovely dress up in the board and some cool shoes in the game. Oh yeah, and on the second floor two lucky chairs! If you like Gothic ensembles you will love Nightshades!


Ema's new giveaway is Checkers. Slinky Minis w/Color Change options. Lucky chairs and Midnight Mania Board here as well.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Picks for Sunday, August 9th

Elite Hair opened up a new SIM. While I was wandering on it, I found a Wall of dollarbie fat pack hairs. Hair for both men and women. I am sure there is at least one style you will like.


Pididdle opened a new satelitte store in Albero. In honor of the new store and the Summer Fair Festival going on at Albero. Pididdle has set the sweet "Pitseleh Pencil Dress", set for one dollar.

Don't just stop at Pididdle though. Many of the other designers have either lowered prices on select items or are offering dollarbies, freebies, etc. It's a Lovely, Lovely SIM lots of shopping quality Designers. So definitely go see:)


The weekly dollarbie at Kosh is the sun and moon rings. Concrete Flowers has a nice pair of pants called Gropper in Red and also a, ummm sexy baguette? LOL

Two things I wanted to point out. One Kosh is right next door to Concrete Flowers, in case you have never been before and both stores are taking part in the Summer Watermelon hunt. You may be able to find something extra...


Conrete Flowers:

Ladies join the Group over at Icewerks and you can get this sweet prim Short outfit called Allan. Take a walk to the back of the store, there is a Midnight Madness Board with another very cute prim short outfit!

Gentlemen for you across from the ladies store, there is a Midnight Madness Board for you as well, with a 50 dollar gift card.


AV Vlodoic's dollarbie is Maxi Dress in Purple very stylish. If you are lucky on the letter boards there are accessories which can be worn with the dress upstairs. In the lucky boards are a pair of pumps and an extra skirt and stole. I was lucky enough to get the pumps, still working on the stole and extra skirt:)


What all of this goodness you see in the picture above? Pink Lotus. On the second floor of the Pink Lotus store is all this loveliness. The boxes are located right next to the two Lucky Letter Boards, along with a Midnight Madness!


Back in Business!

Hey All! So exactly as I state above, I am back in business. SIM is pretty much built and pretty full all of our old tenants followed us over to the adult SIM and we even pick up a few new ones! In case you need a home look me up!

Now I am ready to start goodie postings to the blog again. Here we go....

Ladies, go over to the Dominion, why? Well if you like latex they have a little hunt going on. You find the cute little clutch bags in a bunch of yummy colors and not only do you have the cute clutch but inside there is a latex corset. There are 10 to find.


After you do the mini hunt slide over to the other side of the Dominion and pick up these snazzy Fedora hat. Something for both the men and women of SL. 5 great colors and all 5 are free of charge.


Not sure how long the hunt or the Fedora's will be available, so my advice, if you like these would be to run! LOL!

Still keeping with the hat theme. Go to Posh if you like this sweet hair style. It's called Mya Keep the bank and you get all four hair colors along with the hat.


If you haven't been to Audacious Designs, it might be worth a trip, not only are there 8 lucky chairs with nice outfits for both men and women, there are also 5 absolutely free items and a Midnight Madness Board.

The pictures you see are the two latest freebies, but I promise there are 3 others. Unfortunately, gentlemen the items I found are only for the ladies, but don't forget those lucky chairs.


For now that is what I have for you fans. Trust me I have a huge back log of notecards. Check back daily, I will try to have new stuff for you! TTYL! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aurora Town Zindra

I know, I know it's been a while. Sorry about that but lots of stuff happening for Lewis and I in Second Life. We are in the process of moving our Town. We traded our Mature land for Adult land in Zindra.

We now have two SIMs Paceglen and Sporbus! We are so excited! Building the SIM has been challenging but so much fun and it is looking great. We are still renting homes / market spaces and still offering great, great rates!

All of our Resident who were with us in Fafnir have came joined us in the new place. Everyone is welcome take a peek around, we are almost done. So come on over say Hi:) Once we are totally finished with building, I will be back posting the usual bargains!

Aurora Town Zindra: